Brush Mowers

Special Features


  • 8″ cutting capacity
  • Open design allows for quicker, easier cutting of bigger trees and saplings
  • Mulch branches & saplings up to 3 Inches in diameter
  • HD front push bar helps to push and then cut bigger trees and saplings
  • Massive 400 lbs. flywheel with double belveled 4 blades for maximum cutting performance on brush & grass
  • Direct-drive motor with built in reliefs delivers high torque & ultra-fast blade tip speed.
  • Wire-protection kit between deck and blade carrier keeps fence wire or debris from causing down time
  • HF Design Now Available! Max 60 gpm & 4500 psi.
  • Ultra-rugged deck has extra thick cross supports & front bumper for industrial use and long-term durability
  • Direct drive motor utilizes over-sized 3.75″ drive shaft housed in 2 6 inch industrial oil-submerged bearings
  • 4 double-edge heat treated spring steel reversible blades with swing-away design gives an aggressive bite and a clean cut.
  • Hydraulic pressure relief valves and swing blades protect mower and motor components
  • Engineered for the most extreme work conditions and ultra-long life
  • Top access panel for quick & easy blade change out
  • Visible sight glass to quickly & easily check oil level on bearing housing


Brush Mower

Model #AU-01-1450-60 (HF)AU-01-1450-72 (HF)
Size (Width X)60 Inch Cut (64 Inches Wide)72 Inch Cut (76 Inches Wide)
Depth Y87 Inches87 Inches
Height33 1/2 Inches33 1/2 Inches
Max Flow28 GPM/3500 PSI (HF 60 GPM/4500 PSI)28 GPM/3500 PSI (HF 60 GPM/4500 PSI)
Weight1550 Lbs. (HF 1600 Lbs.)1650 Lbs. (HF 1700 Lbs.)