Box Blades

Box Blade on white background

Special Features

Our heavy duty box blade will meet all your land leveling needs. Material can be transferred by dragging it to nearby locations and raising the scraper to deposit the load. Surfaces can be graded and leveled by scraping material from high areas and allowing accumulated material to flow under the grader blade in to lower areas.

  • Replaceable cutting edge
  • Frame construction heavy wall tube 5×5 & 4×4


Box Blades

Model# AU-01-8600-8AU-01-8600-10AU-01-8600-12
Convertible Model #AU-01-8601-8AU-01-8601-10AU-01-8600-12
Convertible option features a quick tach plate enabling box blade to be used as a pusher on a skid Steer
Width8 foot10 feet12 feet
Weight1650 Lbs.1817 Lbs.1992 Lbs.
Cylinder4 x 164 x 164 x 16